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Delicious Authentic Cuisine at Yatri Restro - Best Train Restaurant in India.
Kadahi Paneer
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Delicious Authentic Cuisine at Yatri Restro - Best Train Restaurant in India.
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₹ 100₹ 70
Delicious Authentic Cuisine at Yatri Restro - Best Train Restaurant in India.
Veg Biryani
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Delicious Authentic Cuisine at Yatri Restro - Best Train Restaurant in India.
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Delicious Authentic Cuisine at Yatri Restro - Best Train Restaurant in India.
Delicious Authentic Cuisine at Yatri Restro - Best Train Restaurant in India.
Delicious Authentic Cuisine at Yatri Restro - Best Train Restaurant in India.
Delicious Authentic Cuisine at Yatri Restro - Best Train Restaurant in India.


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Looking for pure vegetarian food or pure Jain meals during a train journey?
Yatri Restro is the perfect solution for passengers seeking pure vegetarian or pure Jain meals during their train journeys. As a reputable food delivery service provider, Yatri Restro specializes in delivering hygienic and delicious vegetarian and Jain meals directly to train passengers.
What's Unique about Jain Meals at Yatri Restro?
Traveling by train can be more enjoyable and comfortable with Yatri's pure vegetarian and pure Jain meal services. Whether you're a vegetarian by choice or follow Jain principles, Yatri ensures that you can relish delicious and authentic meals during your train journey without any concerns about the ingredients used.
Online Jain Food Delivery in Train Journeys: Enjoy Pure Vegetarian Delights Onboard.

  1. Jain Food Delivery:
    • Jain food is based on the principles of non-violence and non-possession, and it follows strict vegetarian guidelines. Jains avoid consuming root vegetables, garlic, onions, and certain spices. Many Indian cities have restaurants or food services that cater specifically to Jain food preferences.
    • Online Platforms: In recent years, various online platforms and food delivery apps have made it easier to order Jain food. You can use these platforms to find restaurants that offer Jain food options and place your order in advance.
    • Phone Orders: If you prefer, you can also call restaurants directly and inquire about their Jain food menu. Many restaurants will be happy to accommodate your request for Jain food delivery.
  2. Train Journey and Jain Food:
    • Long-distance trains in India often have pantry cars or onboard catering services, providing passengers with meals during the journey. While Jain food might not be available as a standard option, you can still plan ahead to ensure you have suitable food for the trip.
    • Pre-Booked Meals: Some train services offer the option to pre-book meals during ticket reservation. While doing so, you can specify your dietary preferences, including a request for Jain meals.
    • Jain-Friendly Snacks: In addition to the main meals, you can carry Jain-friendly snacks such as roasted nuts, fruits, dried fruits, Jain biscuits, and packaged snacks to keep you fueled during the journey.
  3. Onboard Meals and Vegetarian Options:
    • Most Indian trains provide at least one vegetarian meal option on their catering menu. While booking your train tickets, you can choose a vegetarian meal preference to ensure you are served vegetarian food.
    • Jain Adaptations: Although the standard onboard meals might not be Jain-friendly, you can request certain adaptations to the vegetarian meals served. For example, you can ask for no garlic, onions, or root vegetables in your meal. However, it's essential to communicate your requirements clearly to the onboard catering staff.
  4. Hygiene and Food Safety:
    • When ordering Jain food delivery or purchasing onboard meals, prioritize hygiene and food safety. Choose reputable vendors with good reviews and ratings.
    • Carry Water and Hand Sanitizer: It's a good idea to carry a water bottle and hand sanitizer during the journey to ensure access to clean drinking water and maintain proper hygiene. staff.
Traveling the Jain Way: Discovering Jain Food Options on Trains.

Traveling the Jain way and discovering Jain food options on trains can be an enriching experience. Jainism emphasizes non-violence, compassion, and a strict vegetarian diet. If you're a Jain traveler, here's a detailed guide on how to explore Jain food options during your train journey:
  1. Plan Your Journey:
    • Decide on the Train: Choose a train that suits your travel schedule and has a long enough journey duration to consider onboard meals.
    • Check the Train's Route: Some train routes pass through cities with significant Jain populations, increasing the likelihood of Jain food availability at stations.
  2. Pre-Book Jain Meals:
    • Indian Railways Catering: The Indian Railways offers catering services on many long-distance trains. During the ticket booking process, you can specify your meal preferences. Look for the "Jain meal" option while booking tickets online or through authorized ticketing agents.
    • Pre-Booking through IRCTC: If you have already booked your tickets, you can still pre-book Jain meals through the IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) website or app. This way, your meals will be available on the train without the risk of them running out.
  3. Jain Food Delivery to Stations:
    • Online Food Delivery Apps: Several food delivery platforms allow you to order Jain food and have it delivered to major railway stations en route. Plan ahead and schedule the delivery to coincide with your train's arrival.
    • Local Restaurants and Jain Food Outlets: Research the major stations on your route for restaurants or food outlets that offer Jain food. Contact them in advance to inquire about food delivery or take-away options.
  4. Pack Jain-Friendly Snacks:
    • Carry Jain Snacks: Pack an assortment of Jain-friendly snacks like roasted nuts, dried fruits, fruits, Jain biscuits, theplas (a type of flatbread), and packaged snacks to supplement your meals during the journey.
    • Avoid Root Vegetables: Ensure that the snacks you carry adhere to Jain dietary principles and avoid root vegetables, garlic, and onions.
Pure Jain Meals for Train Travelers: Savor the Essence of Ahimsa Onboard.

Pure Jain meals for train travelers allow you to savor the essence of Ahimsa (non-violence) onboard while adhering to Jain dietary principles. Here's a detailed guide on how to enjoy a peaceful and Jain-friendly culinary experience during your train journey:
  1. Pre-Plan Your Journey:
    • Choose Suitable Trains: Opt for long-distance trains with pantry car facilities or onboard catering services to ensure access to meals during your journey.
    • Check Jain-Friendly Routes: Some train routes pass through cities or regions with a significant Jain population, increasing the likelihood of finding Jain food options at stations.
  2. Onboard Dining Etiquette:
    • Communicate Your Preferences: If you have pre-booked Jain meals, clearly communicate your dietary preferences to the onboard catering staff to avoid any mix-ups.
    • Respect the Staff: Practicing Ahimsa extends to respecting others, so be polite and considerate when dealing with the onboard staff and fellow passengers.
  3. Stay Hydrated and Hygienic:
    • Carry Water: Keep yourself hydrated by carrying a refillable water bottle and refilling it at stations where safe drinking water is available.
    • Maintain Hygiene: Uphold personal hygiene standards throughout your journey. Carry hand sanitizer and tissues for convenience.
  4. Enjoy the Experience:
    • Embrace Ahimsa: The Jain way of life revolves around Ahimsa, and by choosing pure Jain meals during your train journey, you honor this principle and practice non-violence towards all living beings.
    • Relish the Cuisine: Jain food can be incredibly flavorful and diverse, so take this opportunity to relish the essence of Jain culinary traditions during your train travel.
By planning ahead, pre-booking Jain meals, and carrying Jain-friendly snacks, you can ensure a peaceful and soul-nourishing journey onboard while enjoying pure Jain meals. Bon voyage!
Jain Cuisine on Rails: Where to Find Jain Food during Train Journeys.

Finding Jain cuisine during train journeys can be a delightful experience for Jain travelers. Here are some places where you can find Jain food options during your train journey:
  1. Major Railway Stations:
    • Some major railway stations, especially those located in cities with significant Jain populations, may have restaurants or food outlets that offer Jain cuisine.
    • Explore the Station: Take a walk around the station and inquire about Jain food options at food stalls or restaurants. Many food vendors in major stations are familiar with Jain dietary preferences.
  2. Online Food Delivery Platforms:
    • Several food delivery apps and websites allow you to order food from local restaurants and have it delivered to major railway stations en route.
    • Check the Apps: Look for food delivery options in the city or station where your train will stop, and order Jain food in advance.
  3. Jain-Friendly Cities en Route:
    • Research the cities or towns where your train is scheduled to make extended stops. Some cities with significant Jain communities might have restaurants or catering services offering Jain cuisine.
    • Google Search and Reviews: Use search engines and restaurant review websites to find Jain-friendly eateries along your train route.
  4. Carry Jain-Friendly Snacks:
    • Be Prepared: To ensure you have enough Jain food options during the journey, carry an assortment of Jain-friendly snacks like roasted nuts, dried fruits, fruits, Jain biscuits, and packaged snacks.
  5. Local Recommendations:
    • Seek Local Advice: While on the train or during stops, consider asking locals or fellow passengers for recommendations on where to find Jain food near upcoming stations.
Remember that Jain food options might vary depending on the train route and the facilities available at different stations. It's always best to plan ahead, pre-book Jain meals, and carry Jain-friendly snacks to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable journey while adhering to Jain dietary principles. Enjoy exploring the rich flavors of Jain cuisine as you travel on rails!
Delicious Authentic Cuisine at Yatri Restro - Best Train Restaurant in India.

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